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IoT is enabling the retailers to improve the customer engagement while increasing revenues and reducing the costs. iVativ enables smart retail solutions that allow businesses to improve the customer service experience while gaining valuable insights into trends, conditions, and supplies


Making better health accessible, easier, and more fun. Staying in touch with a good state of health is often a challenge. Connected health offers real-time options for self-aware healthcare that help to make patient monitoring and alerts simpler and more … Read More

Smart Home

A smarter, safer, and more efficient home. The advent of new sensors and smart speakers is accelerating growth in this sector. Products in the connected home include centrally controlled lights, thermostats, and appliances. Bluetooth connectivity and mesh networks can increase … Read More

Industrial IoT

Industrial automation is a key driving force for IoT – efficiencies and productivity can be constantly monitored and improved in a connected factory. Industry 4.0 looks to the future, where factories rapidly transform production processes to build ever more personalized … Read More

Smart City

With iVativ’s IoT products, reduce cost and resource consumption for outdoor lighting, surveillance, long range wireless connectivity, centralized & integrated system control, and more. Connected Street Lights – NILE for mesh and EVIA/BALI for GW Smart Parking Smart Metering Waste … Read More


Fitness, health, and messaging alerts are just some of the ways wearables play a part in daily life. Different categories of wearables have different demands, but here are some common must-haves: exceptionally low energy consumption to accommodate the power user, … Read More

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