Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a hosted module. Host drivers are provided for Embedded Linux, Android and Windows operating systems. If your application needs high throughputs, this is the right category of modules for your product. Please refer to the respective product page for more details about the performance metrics.
Stand-alone module is a self contained module having enough memory, processing speed and other resources to make a final product with-out needing any external MCU to run the user application.
Embedded module is best suited when you have developed or planning to develop the user application for your product on a host MCU and looking for a module which takes care of wireless connectivity with almost zero load on the host MCU

It is a computer running the required IoT GW software, which collects the data from the sensor nodes / end devices in the local wireless network, performs the predefined processing on the collected data and exchanges the filtered data with the cloud servers for further processing, monitor and control.

Cloud services are playing a pivotal role in the current day IoT products’ deployment. We have made sure that our products are working smoothly with all the popular IoT Cloud platforms: Amazon IoT, Microsoft Azure etc
It is the Real Time Locationing or Asset tracking which is used to track the assets in a given local network where the required infrastructure is deployed. It is a fast growing market in the IoT field.
In mesh networking, any node can talk to any other node in a secure way. And most of the popular mesh networking implementations are self-healing with-out single point of failure. In traditional networking, only one-one or one-many communication is possible

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