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One of the main building blocks of Internet of Things is wireless connectivity to the cloud. Wi-Fi technology is well suited for this purpose as it is based on TCP/IP protocol which is designed for wide area network (WAN) connection. WAN is needed for cloud connectivity through internet.

Ivativ offers Wi-Fi modules in stand-alone and in combination with Bluetooth. These modules support 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and BT 5.0. They are offered in hosted, embedded and stand-alone modes.

Hosted mode is suitable for high performance systems when flexibility and performance is critical. Embedded modules are used when a user wants to integrate the wireless to their existing MCU ecosystem. They just use this module as a wireless transceiver. Standalone module has an embedded MCU in it so that user can use as a system in a module. These modules reduce cost of design and development time and enhances time to market. Both embedded and standalone modules can run on battery.


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