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The BALI PCIe M.2 Development Kit (DVK) is a platform that enables evaluation of hosted Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity. It uses PCIe interface for WiFi and USB/PCM interface for Bluetooth. The DVK includes procedure for Linux build and instructions set, scripts to test the following:

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wireless Functionality
  • Concurrent mode
  • WiFi Security modes
  • Throughputs
  • Power Consumption

BALI PCIe Module Development Kit Contents:
BALI PCIe module Development Kit comes with the following components:

1 x BALI PCIe Module Evaluation Kit
1 x MHF4 Flag antenna
1 x Toradex Ixora Board
1 x Toradex Ixora Board power adaptor
1 x USB-RS232 cable

Linux kernel build for x86, embedded platforms

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BALI PCIe M.2 DVK kit content:

I951HCR0-I61-EVK BALI PCIe M.2 Module EVK iVativ evaluation kit to evaluate WiFi and Bluetooth communication
BALI M.2 PCIe Industrial Temp, Antenna Diversity EVK
204281-1100 MHF4 Flag antenna Antenna for BALI PCIe M.2 Buy
Toradex Ixora Board Host processor to enable wireless functionality of BALI PCIe M.2 Module Evaluation Kit Buy
Toradex Ixora Board power adaptor Power adaptor for Ixora carrier board Buy
IDC-DB9 female connector DB9 female connector for Ixora board Buy
USB RS232 cable Adapter to communicate with serial terminal Buy
I951HCR0-I61-DVK BALI PCIe M.2 Module DVK Includes above accessories
BALI M.2 PCIe Industrial Temp, Antenna Diversity DVK Kit

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